“BOSU” is the short form of “Both sides utilized.” The theory behind this is that both sides of the body should be used to improve your body’s balance during training. This increases the body’s ability to perform several different activities.

The BOSU ball has mostly been used for training by athletes and coaches to improve their stability and to balance the body. It’s also believed that it has long-term benefits because it retains the posture as the body carries on the alignment it achieves during training. It does this even after finishing the exercise. BOSU balls are usually used for fitness, strength and balance training. We have also seen that they are also helpful for physical rehabilitation in a clinical setting. They are even effective in enhancing strength and increasing coordination among muscle groups and are perfect for easy, at home workouts. 


Types of BOSU Balls:

Usually, two types of BOSU balls are available on the market; the spiked and the non-spiked version.

The original BOSU ball is smooth and without spikes, and is used for balancing, while the spiked BOSU balls, which are just as versatile as the original, smooth version, can be used just like traditional BOSU balls with an added feature that it’s also suitable for massage therapy. It’s thus a dual-purpose ball.

But the downside of the spiked balls is that they are usually of smaller size than the traditional balls, and thus not as suitable for performing exercise involving both feet.


Best BOSU Balls Review

PriceProductProduct NameRating
Giantex Ball BalanceGiantex Ball Balance

JFIT Balance PodJFIT Balance Pod

RitFit Balance Ball RitFit Balance Ball



BOSU Pro BalanceBOSU Pro Balance

Bosu Home BalanceBosu Home Balance

Bosu Elite BalanceBosu Elite Balance

W Yoga BalanceW Yoga Balance

VEVOR BalanceVEVOR Balance


1. Giantex Ball Balance Trainer


The Giantex Balance Trainer is a great choice for beginners, or for those who need a basic, yet effective balancing ball. It features a large, half dome ball with comfortable, resistance handles attached on each sides of the ball. This is an extra, as not all balancing balls feature this benefit to help with resistance training. The base is quite sturdy and is made up of rigid PVC material which provides firm support. It helps the user to perform various types of exercises, such as strength training, resistance training, balance and core stability. It can support a maximum user weight of up to 660 pounds, all while working out every single muscle in your body!

The accessories it comes with are both a valve pump and air pump. You don’t have to buy a seperate pump to fit your likes or needs, which saves you both time and money. It’s a versatile ball that is easy to work with. It’s perfect if you want to enjoy your workout. Many users of this ball report that they use it every day, and do so joyfully, looking forward to the next day so that they can work out once more.

The Giantex Ball Balance Trainer is easy to set up, just install it with the two removable resistance bands, and pump it full of air. With very little effort, this portable exercise ball offers the user firm support for a variety of exercises to users of any fitness level. Due to its firm support, it is perfect for use utilizing at different angles.

The makers of this particular BOSU ball are environmentally conscious, making sure to use friendly PVC and ABS materials. Not only does it not pose any threat to the user’s health, but it is also a healthy alternative for the environment.

However, it does have a few drawbacks. As compared to other models, the Giantex Balance Trainer does deflate rather quickly, making the air and valve pump it comes with a necessity. The PVC it is made up of is also sadly, not very durable. One user has even reported that the base of the ball came off with an audible “POP” after it was filled with air for the very first time! Another user said that it came to them covered in dirt, and didn’t look brand new, but that the seller of the BOSU ball were very aimable to work with, and made things right for them immediately.

  • Easy to set up
  • Portable
  • Firm support
  • Perfect for working out at different angles.
  • As compared to other models, it deflates quickly.
  • Comes with thin PVC which is not much durable.


2. JFIT Balance Pod


This is quite a large ball and comes with a large 13 – inch textured surface. It is suitable for physiotherapy and rehabilitation and perfect for massage therapy. For quick and effective training, it proves to be much effective.

  • Good quality at the given price
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Perfect for use in office
  • Doesn’t come with an air pump.  You have to pay for it seperately.


3. RitFit Balance Ball Trainer


If you want to choose a ball for your both lower body workouts, it’s perfect for you. For fitness freaks and athletes of all ages, this is extremely suitable. It is also suitable to be used in Yoga. Also, it’s easy to inflate it at the resistance level you want to work.

It features the resistance band handles attached to it on both sides, and they provide a very comfortable grip. They are also detachable, and you can remove them when stand alone unit is required. The dome can be inflated up to 12 – inches, and it’s easy with the help of foot pump comes with it.

  • It comes in two colors, pink and blue to choose from
  • Easy to store in a small space
  • Provides an exercise chart.
  • It’s difficult to inflate it




The SPRI BP-Set is versatile as you can set it on both sides, the flat side can be arranged up or down according to the desired level of difficulty. Its core purpose is to improve body’s core coordination among major muscle groups and improve the balance. It is very comfortable and soothing on the bare feet.

  • It comes with an instruction sheet which is helpful.
  • Can be useful for both kids and elders.
  • Comes in six colors so you can choose one according to your taste.
  • Could be difficult to inflate for some.


5. BOSU Pro Balance Trainer


It is a versatile Bosu ball which is mainly for commercial use. It helps much in the coordination of muscle groups and also strengthens them. It offers a unique training method which helps in increasing stability and balance. It comes with a handy foot pump with a non-skid base which makes it stable.

  • Non-skid base
  • Lightweight and has a small size, so easy to move around.
  • Highly durable and it won’t wear out
  • The ball might detach from the base, but it’s easy to reattach it.


6. Bosu Home Balance Trainer


It is perfect for home-based use and helps in improving balance and strength. The inflated rubber dome is attached to a plastic base with this model. It offers quite an unstable surface to assist you in maintaining and then retaining your balance. Besides regular exercising and helping you in improving the stability and balance, it is also perfect for Yoga poses. You can use it both ways and you can flip it upside down for further workout types.

  • Supports user weight of 300 pounds
  • Sturdy
  • Expensive
  • Difficult to inflate


7. Bosu Elite Balance Trainer


This BOSU ball is designed for tough, gym like heavy-duty workouts. The fundamental purpose of this ball is its usage for strength training. Besides, it also provides great balance and flexibility training.

It comes with a durable high-density rubber dome, which is perfect for increasing power and strength. It is specifically designed for strength training and helps the user to gain significant explosive power. It provides a spring loaded platform which is highly unstable and thus assists you in gaining the power you desire.

The user can easily position on the Bosu elite as it offers a unique power line. The texture enhances its grip and provides an anti-slippery surface. It is highly durable and supports user weight of up to 400 pounds.

  • Durable.
  • Supports weight up to 400 pounds.
  • For strength training, it features exclusive power zone.
  • Provides anti-slippery surface.
  • Ideal for strength training.
  • Useful for flexibility and balance training.
  • Expensive.
  • It’s difficult to pump it up.


8. AW Yoga Balance Ball


The AW Yoga Balance Ball comes with a bright pink dome and features resistance cables attached to it. As the name suggests, it’s ideal for Yoga exercises and poses. It is supportive for beginners as the resistance cables on the sides help you in maintaining the balance. The resistance cables are detachable, and you can remove them when you think they are unnecessary and are hindering your exercise.

The dome is made up of durable, rigid material and can be used by flipping upside down and experiment with different exercising tricks.

  • Detachable resistance cables
  • Comes with an air pump and you don’t need to buy one
  • Large user capacity
  • Ball deflates with constant usage


9. VEVOR Balance Trainer


The VEVOR Balance Trainer features half-dome fixed on tough PVC base. It comes with elastic cables attached to its sides which help you in maintaining the balance on the ball and supports you besides improving your proprioception. The VEVOR is also suitable for resistance training of arms. The dome has 10-inches of height while the resistance bands’ length is 35-inches. The flexible cables attached to it come with 5-inch handles which have soft padding for secure, comfortable grip.

  • Base made of tough PVC material.
  • Ball useful for resistance, proprioception, strength, balance and flexibility training.
  • Comes with resistance bands.
  • Stiff resistance bands.

BOSU balls are perfect for various types of exercises and help in gaining balance and stability of the body. The perfect BOSU ball for you is the one that fulfils your preferences and requirements.  Choose one accordingly and start exercising!!