The most powerful and largest muscles of the human body are glutes. Their purpose is to help move the hips in all directions and helping you in going up and down, back and forth. Glute muscles can weaken over time if there’s less physical activity and you spend most of the time sitting. The weak glute muscles will result in a flat butt.

Best Glute Machines

Several exercise machines are now available which help in building the glutes or butt muscles.  These exercise machines are an effective way to strengthen them.

Top 5 Best Glute machines:

Standing Reverse Leg Curl:


Standing Reverse Leg Curl

It’s a great machine which focuses on the hamstrings and glutes and works on them. To perform this exercise, first, lock your ankles into the pad and then push it upwards. Before coming down, squeeze your glutes softly and then slowly come down.

  • Effective in building and strengthening the glutes and hamstrings muscles
  • If the legs are not adequately stretched out after every workout, it can cause a strain.

Leg Press:

Leg Press

Leg press has been the most underrated yet quite effective glute building machine. Foot placement on the leg press makes all the difference. Place your feet lower on the machine to workout your quadriceps, and if you position them higher on the machine, it will work on the hamstrings and glutes. Also, when working on glutes make sure to use a wide stance. After correctly placing feet, slowly come down and repeat.

  • It is helpful in strengthening the weak leg muscles.
  • Suitable for strengthening the inner knee muscles.
  • It is best for those aiming for very big thighs.
  • Not an alternative of squats or split squats
  • Does not provide much movement because of the fixed back
  • Can cause back or leg injury if not properly executed

Thigh Abductor:


Thigh Abductor

For an isolated exercise, it is pretty efficient. But before using it, first, consult a trainer to understand how to execute it properly and which movement will be more useful for you. It works specifically on the glutes and thighs.

  • Decreases pain caused by weakness in the glutes.
  • The machine is not much effective in developing the regions it claims.

Lying Leg Curl Machine:


Lying Leg Curl Machine

For women, it is one of the most efficient machines. It works specifically on the hamstrings and glutes. It is also suitable to perform the reverse donkey kick. Position your feet, align them properly with your toes pointing upwards. Now raise your calves upwards slowly and then come back to the original position.

  • Excellent for building and strengthening hamstring muscles and glutes
  • Not suitable for those suffering from lower-back problems

Hack Squat Machine:

Hack Squat Machine

Hack squat machine is a comfy replacement of the tough squat exercise. Works just like squats, and is best for lower-body development and is a useful isolation exercise. This exercise engages your glutes, hamstrings and quads and works on all of them. The plus side of this machine is that you can load up as many plates as you can for maximum workout.

  • It gives you the liberty to load weight as much as you desire because of the given control.
  • To reduce muscle imbalances, you can also work on one leg through this machine.
  • With foot placement, you can shift the focus of the exercise from glutes to quads. Higher foot placement is for glutes, whereas lower foot placement if for quads.
  • Even beneficial to use if you are recovering from an injury.
  • Not suitable for athletes.
  • It does not engage stabilizer muscles.
  • It can result in knee problems if consistently used with heavy loads.

There is no miracle machine available which will strengthen your glutes overnight. It requires time, dedication and patience to work on the glutes. After consulting a trainer choose the exercise which is suitable for your body type and then, according to it, choose the right exercise machine.