Everybody looks forward to winter. That season of the year that makes the environment cool and chilling is well awaited by kids and adults alike. The disheartening thing about this time of the year is the ice that poses a huge challenge.

Ice is very difficult to remove but this is the more reason why you need the best ice melt that would save you from the stress of winter.

We’ve chosen to do a quick review on the Best ice melts.

Safe Paw Non-Toxic Ice Melter

This is an efficient ice melt that guarantees the safe health condition of the users. It melts ice as expected and does not have any adverse effect. The product is accessible everywhere and can be easily purchased in shops and commercial markets at an affordable price

This ice melter contains active ingredients namely carbonyl amine and glycol admixture that combine effectively to change the state of the ice to water. It was initially designed to cool the temperature of the nuclear power plants and has been discovered to be an effective ice melter as well.

Consumers are often wary of what the effects of ice melters could be, but this ice melter is well formulated so as to have no effect on pets, and even the concrete.  The ice is liquefied to a half inch of ice in just ten minutes.

This ice melter has been certified by several environmental specialists as safe and non-injurious to humans, pets and the environment at large and has earned the nomenclature, ‘safe thaw’

96% Pure Calcium Chloride Snow & Ice Melt Pellets

Everyone who uses ice melters desires an efficient effect and this is exactly what this ice melt pellets offer. It liquefies snow and ice almost immediately as the effect is magical. The exothermic heat generated hastens the rate at which melting of ice and snow proceeds.

An important characteristic of this ice melter is the high proportion as much as 96% of pure Calcium Chloride that further adds to its effectiveness in melting. This is the snow melter that has the highest proportion of pure Calcium chloride.

The corrosive effect on concretes, pets found in other melters is not found in this product. Its melting effectiveness is unparalleled, as the melting of ice takes place as many as 36 times faster than the rock salt that is typically known to be a good ice melter.

Even snow in a cold temperature as low as -40 will be efficiently melted. There are no negative effects when used for roofs.

Snow Joe MELT25CCP Calcium Chloride Pellets

The Snow Joe MELT225 Calcium Chloride pellet ice melter is a very efficient liquefier of ice and snow as it instantly and immediately melts ice on contact with the tough ice mass. The Professional strength signifies the efficient preparation of pellets of Calcium chloride that dissolves and melts ice quickly and in a very short time.

The level of purity of the constituents is very high as the ice melter has 94% of pure Calcium chloride. Ice on roads, entrances and sidewalks are easily melted on applying this melter. MELT pellets ensure the melting of ice and snow even up to a temperature of -25.

The constituents ensure immediate effect on ice which is as much as 3 times rapid as a standard ice melter. The product can be easily purchased for your convenience from stores and markets at a cheap and affordable price.

MELT Calcium chloride pellets are designed to last up to 24 hours when applied on the ice for a better ice melting effect.  

Splash Ice Melt, Snow & Ice Melter

The Splash ice melt is a respected trade name when it comes to effective and efficient ice melting. This ice melting gives just the expected effect when applied on surfaces and is most effective on a concrete surface to remove ice.

Ice and snow on walls and other curved surfaces are easily removed due to the action of Splash Ice Melt.

The active ingredients of the Ice Melt are Potassium chloride and Sodium chloride which combine well enough to give enough heat required to melt the ice. This product can melt any extreme temperature of ice as low as 5 degrees.

Pellets are contained in a jug that can be easily handled and comfortable to carry. This jug ensures that the pellets can be safely applied to the mass of ice and you see the magical effect of Splash Ice Melt.        

Safe Paw Ice Melter

A guaranteed property of the Safe Paw Ice melter is the fact that there is no adverse effect on children, pets and also the surface on which it is applied. No harm is done to the paws of pets when they get in contact with this ice melter, which is what shows the difference from the rock salt.

The main components of preparation are carbonyl diamide and glycol admixture which combine to melt ice. Safe Paw does not give off heat as other ice melters do in melting ice. The liquid portion melts ice immediately as the core of the ice melter crystal upset the ice. 

Accumulation of ice on the surface is prevented for as long as three (3) days due to the timed-release that ensures effective melting. This product is effective for removing ice and snow and as well ensures the safety of your pets. 

Important Things to Know About Ice Melts:

In understanding ice melts, it’s important you understand the following terms.

Active Ingredients
Ice melters contain active ingredients which are the major components of the chemical proportions of the product.  
The active ingredients include carbonyl amine, glycol admixture, Potassium chloride (KCl), Sodium chloride (NaCl), 96% pure Calcium chloride (CaCl₂), Magnesium chloride (MgCl₂) salts. These are salt components that are environment and pet-friendly.

The ice melters liquefy ice effectively at temperature -15 degrees F and could melt considerably through solar heating.
Majority of ice melters produce exothermic heat that ensures that the ice melts very fast while some melt ice through endothermic processes.  

The melting of ice with the use of ice melters is safe for the environment. The purity of the active ingredients is safe for users, pets and animals as well.

Fertilizer salts, when used in the melting of ice and snow, do not pose any harm to the concrete, wall or surface on which they are applied.  

The components of ice melts are not injurious to the environment. They are not toxic when consumed in water or when taken by pets in few quantities.

Some ice melters do not have any poisonous effect on pets when ingested as also the paws are not affected by the actions of those Melters.

The cost of ice melting salts is quite cheap and affordable. The price is according to the weight per bag of ice melting salt.

Works Immediately
These ice melts are very effective and work immediately as they are applied. The salt becomes embedded with the ice and shatters rapidly, leaving a few residues behind. Calcium chloride breaks ice 3 times faster than a regular ice melter.

Lasts Long
Pellets of these ice melters last for as long as 24 hours on the ice or snow as they ensure that the deicing process goes as expected. 

Types of Ice Melt and their Benefits:
The stress of having to look for means of deicing the ice and snow that accompanies winter is very annoying. This is why an ice melter is an ideal tool to use. Choosing the type of ice melts to use for deicing the obstructive ice and snow around your walkway is simple.

The decision is based on the type of ice melts as well as the respective properties and benefits of each ice melt. The following are some types of ice melts with the functions they perform:

Sodium Chloride
Irritation also occurs on the paws and bodies of animals when they get in contact with this ice melt. The environment is also affected by the use of Sodium chloride as plants are affected and water can be contaminated. The surface to which it is applied can also be damaged.

Calcium Chloride
This is used as an effective melt for very hard and tough mass of ice or snow. Heat is generated by the addition of ice and this is responsible for the instant rupture of the ice or snow.
The usage of Calcium Chloride is effective and efficient yet it damages vegetation, plants and also contaminates water. The concrete surface on which it is applied can also be affected.

Magnesium Chloride
Magnesium chloride is an efficient ice melting agent with no side-effect on the environment. It is effective for temperatures between the ranges of -13 to -15 degrees F.

Potassium Chloride
This is very safe for pets and does not have any harmful effect on the environment. It melts ice effectively and rapidly. There is no effect on the concrete surface on addition but plants can be damaged and affected.

This ice melter is ideal for houses as it is guaranteed to be safe for pets. Also, the surface to which it is applied is not affected. The only defect is that the melting process with urea does not proceed effectively when applied on thick ice.

Calcium Magnesium Acetate
This type of ice melter does not melt effectively in a colder temperature region but is environmentally friendly. The concrete surface is as well unaffected by the action of melting.

Ice Melt Blends
This includes the mixture of two or more types of salt. This lowers the freezing point of ice and ensures quick melting.
Other types of Ice melt includes Sodium Acetate, Ethylene Glycol and Propylene Glycol.

How to Use Ice Melts

Using an ice melter begins with reading the instructions and prescriptions by the manufacturer. To make the ice melter more effective, some mass of ice or snow should be removed as much as possible.

For safety purposes, a salt spreader should be used in spreading the ice melters onto the ice or snow rather than bare hands.

The ice melter pellets must be spread evenly on the ice surface. The safety of pets and children must be ensured while using an ice melter.


Ice or snow deposition on pavements, walkways etc. during winter can be removed mechanically with the use of shovels. But a more effective means of deicing is the use of chemical compounds which are more effective and efficient.

The best ice melters ensure the safety of pets, children and also that of the environment.