5 Best Hand Immersion Blenders For 2019

Introducing Best Rated Hand Blenders

Looking for a convenient  way to blend quite large quantities of soup and smoothies? Immersion Blenders should be definitely what you seek. Compared to the standard blenders, immersion blenders are powerful. Their motor power is adequate and incredible.

All you need to do here is to lower it into the container with the liquid you need to blend.  This makes things easier for you. It allows you to blend large quantities of smoothies at once. You don’t need to split it into different batches.

Regardless of the various different prices, the blender happens to be cheap compared to standard blenders.

After spending quite enough time researching on immersion blenders, I came up with some of the best models available. Several interviews with different immersion blender users and testing a number for a couple of years, I am quite confident of the models reviewed in this post.

Remember, choosing the best blender is not a usual task and so I advise you do a careful comparison with respect to your needs and preferences. In this case, I have gone an extra mile and reviewed some of the best immersion blenders we have on the market. See the recommendations below

Immersion blender reviews

1. Breville BSB510XL

Motor power and speed

Are you looking for an immersion blender for making breakfast smoothies? Breville is a perfect match for your needs. BSB510XL comes with a perfectly powerful motor of 280 watts. This makes it fast and powerful. Such kind of a powerful motor can do wonders as far as blending is concerned.  Actually, if enough care is not taken, the blender can do a great mess in your kitchen. All you need to do is learn the technique of raising and immersing it into the mixing cup.
Can you imagine blending with slow blender? The delays and all that? Speed matters quite a lot in such appliances. The blender is speedy enough and  makes a quick work of turning the ingredients into a perfect smoothie.
It provides 15 different speed option from which you will choose the one that best suits your needs. This allows you to make a choice of your own preference in accordance with your blending needs.
All I recommend is that you try your best to make the choice that best serves you. ( Consider your needs and desires).


Breville BSB510XL It comes with an amazing design.. Its design allows the user to work comfortably with the appliance and with less effort. The blender comes with a well designed mixing container with handle to secure the container during the blending
Its tall nature will first attract you at your very first glance at it. It is surely a product you should expect with a lot of trepidation because it surely deserves the eagerness. With all this wonderful design, it’s quite amazing working with the appliance all day.

Ease of Operation
BSB510XL has a pistol grip style that makes it easier for you to work with the equipment with less or no fatigue at all. It comes with an ergonomic design makes it work perfectly with your hands and with optimum comfort.
The only limitation is that the grip may be too large for you incase you have small hands.
Either way, i find the cushioned grip and trigger button to be ergonomically interesting.
The blades are protected by a shroud. This makes works easier for you since you don’t have to do a cleanup of the blending splushes.

The Breville BSB510XL comes with only one attachment accessory, unlike some others. The attachment happens to be a chopping bowl.
This amazing Immersion blender has 1 year guaranteed warranty. This explains how excellently the blender satisfies its users.
Am quite sure you would wish to have a powerful immersion blender with a reliable speed control. You just got one. Breville BSB510XL immersion blender has all these qualities you desire and is available at an affordable price.
Just to advise you, It’s always wise to consider the affordability of any product you plan to purchase. It doesn’t make sense buying an Immersion Blender that is too expensive and beyond your standards. Try and get something within your budget. You can imagine a situation whereby you purchase an expensive blender and later on end-up failing to clear your electricity bills. I will simply refer to this as a waste f resources.

  • The machine is quite cheap and  available
  • It has a powerful motor with a perfect speed thus reliable.
  • The blender Has one year guaranteed warranty
  • Has a variety of speed options
  • Ease of operation with zero fatigue

  •   It is not reliable for heavy duty performance

2. Cuisinart CSB-75 Smart Stick

Motor power and speed:
Do you desire to operate with an adequately powerful and fast immersion blender? Cuisinart CSB- 75 has a motor of a standard watt value of 200. This motor power will be perfect for a normal/usual blending task.
It is possible to undermine the blender with relation to its motor watt value, but believe me, it is capable of performing as expected.
Convenience is what everyone will look out for in any appliance. In this case, Cuisinart CSB-75 comes with 2 speed operation. This operation is quite handy. You only need to make a choice appropriately. You can choose the low speed for soups. This feature gives a chance to control the thickness of the final product.
A two speed operation feature makes things much more easier for you. You don’t need to cleanup the slus hups. The fact that you can control the speed of  the blades prevents unnecessary splushups

Performance and affordability:
CSB-75 seconds in our list. Research shows that most people go for an immersion blender that perfectly balances between performance and affordability. This model is a true balance between the two.
The fact that the model is cheap doesn’t really mean that its services are poor in contrary to that of a handheld blender. It’s performance  a model with desirable features. Sometimes, the price of a product doesn’t really determine the quality and capability of the product whatsoever.
In that case, It’s always wise to consider the affordability of any product you plan to purchase. It doesn’t make sense buying an Immersion Blender that is too expensive and beyond your standards.
Try and get something within your budget. You can imagine a situation whereby you purchase an expensive blender and later on end-up failing to clear your electricity bills. I will simply refer to this as a waste of resources.
This model comes with 2-speed settings. Most people prefer low and high speed is usually perfect for performing the blending tasks. It saves time because you don’t have to evaluate different speeds to get the best option for you.
Blender shaft
Cuisinart CSB-75 comes with a detachable shaft that can be easily removed with a simple upward push and twist. Basically, there is no need to use any tools for the detachment. The fact that the shaft is removable, with zero stress, makes it possible for the end user to clean the shaft regularly.

Ease Of operation
A good blender will definitely be simple and easy to operate. With the CAB-75,  there will be no more tiresome blending. A one-touch button is well placed on the grip in an ergonomic manner to promote a simple and fast activation.

Blade material
The CSB-75 has a stainless steel blade that makes the mixing quite efficient. The blade is made of steel and this makes it quite durable. Steel will probably last longer compared to plastic.

The model is as well equipped with a slotted guard that is purposely fixed on it to protect you from possible cuts and also ensures that the mixing flow is optimized as the blades spin.

CSB-75 comes with minimal accessories. Nonetheless, it has two cup mixing bowls that are adequately large. The fact that the bowls are large, they provide enough space for the shaft and allows storage for future blending.

Availability and warranty
Regardless of the minimal number of accessories the model has, it comes in variety and in seven different colors. This feature gives it several looks. Above all, Cuisinart has a 3-year warranty, unlike the other immersion blenders.
If you seek to have a blender that is powerful in performance and at the same time  affordable, Cuisinart CSB-75 is the perfect blender for you.

  •  It is affordable.
  • Has a one-touch button promoting ease of activation
  • Has large mixing bowls
  • Has a slotted guard to protect the user against possible cuts
  • It is affordable
  • It is durable

  • Has only 2-speed options

3. Hamilton Beach 59770 Turbo-Twister

Hamilton Beach is a familiar name to those who frequently operate in the kitchen appliance category (chefs). This immersion blender has mostly performed amazingly with recommendable results when it comes to mixing Smoothies, creams, and even drinks.

This model is closely similar to the Cuisinart model in price. Their designs and accessories differentiate them.

Motor power and shaft performance
Just like in most immersion blenders, Hamilton comes with a motor of 200 watts that perfectly spins the detachable shaft. Amazingly, the shaft is well designed to ensure both mixing and flow are well maximized.
Performance matters quite a lot in such appliances. They are for making work easier and speed is just but a way to make work easier. Though it all depends on your preference. All I recommend is that you try your best to make the choice that best serves you. ( Consider your needs and desires).

Ease of operation
As far as i’m concerned, unfortunately, this model feels a bit cumbersome to operate. You will have to press on the speed button as you blend.  Sometimes, the whisk my fail when blending thicker smoothies. Sounds freaking? Worry not, the appliance performs well as far as blending is concerned. If you seek a blender for light smoothies, HB will perfectly fulfill your needs.
Shaft material
To differentiate it from the CSB-75, the Hamilton has a plastic shaft, unlike the Cuisinart immersion blender. Well, this is sadly a drawback for the Hamilton. The shaft may not be as durable as that of the CSB-75 which is basically made of steel.

As I said earlier, the Hamilton matches so much with the Cuisinart CSB-75. For instance, just like it is in the CSB-75, Hamilton has only two-speed settings. The only difference here comes in in the placement of the activation button.  The Hamilton’s’ is placed in a manner that you use the thumb for activation instead of using a figure.

In addition, the Hamilton has a unique accessory compared to that of the CSB-75. It comes with an attachable whisk accessory. With this accessory and the wand attachment, this model will perform wonders as far as blending is concerned.
The model is a perfect choice if you seek to do a lot of whipping. To add on, it comes with a whisk stainless steel and a guaranteed warranty of a complete one year. The model only comes in one color i.e. white.


  •  It’s cheap but performs excellently
  •  Perfect for mixing soups, drinks, smoothies, and creams
  • Has a well-placed thumb activation button
  •  It as a reliable warranty
  • It has a wonderful fast performance 

  • Has a plastic shaft 

4. KitchenAid 2-Speed KHB1231

Affordability and Performance
Do  you need to take things to the next level by moving beyond the hand blenders’ basics? With the KitchenAid blender here, you will have achieved the very first step to your next blending level.
The basic factors still matter though, the model is still affordable and probably within your budget.
Even though the model comes in a variety of looks, the features and services still remain the same and quite reliable.

Motor power and Speed
With the standard motor watt value (200-watt motor), the KitchenAid model still has the same power as all other immersion blender models reviewed. Like in the CSB-75 and Hamilton model, KitchenAid comes with only 2-speed settings which still works well with the model.

Shaft and accessories
The blender comes with an 8-inch shaft. Longer are perfect for a better performance. Fast blending in this case. Unlike the CSB-75 and the Hamilton, KitchenAid has 3-cup Accessory which helps with storage space for future blending.

KitchenAid Immersion blender model is unique in its own way. It comes in 20 different colors. This allows you pick the best choice of your own. The best colour of your interest.


  • The model is quite affordable
  • Has 3-cup accessory to provide storage for later blending
  •  Comes in 20 different colors
  •  Has a shaft of 8 inches’ length 


  • It lacks a guard to prevent possible cuts    

5. Dualit Immersion Blender

Motor power
This model has a powerful motor of 700 watts. Mark you, for every additional watt on the standard motor watt value (200), there comes an added advantage. Definitely an advantage of performance. To be precise, the more the motor watts, the powerful and fast the appliance performance.

Shaft length
If you need something to dive deeper, you ought to get yourself a Dualit immersion blender.  While others seek to purchase new longer shafts for their blenders, The Dualit blender will always come with quite a long shaft of 9-inch length.
The shaft has a slim design that makes it work extremely amazingly. Sometimes it can prepare up to gallons with zero delays.

Speed and performance

This model perfectly works with an intuitive speed rate. It doesn’t come with a pre-adjusted speed but still performs perfectly and less smother. The appliance also comes with a pulse function (also referred to as turbo) to promote high-speed performance.

A chopper blade and a double free lid are among the features of this model. The shaft is quite standard and this makes it much better to be used for deeper immersions.

  • Has a very powerful motor
  • It affordable
  • Comes with pulse function
  • Has a steel slim shaft for high performance
  • It is durable and reliable for deeper immersions

  •  It is not dished washable

What to look out for in an immersion blender

Motor power
A good immersion blender will always a powerful motor. A genuine immersion blender motor should have a motor power of 200 watts and above. The motor shouldn’t be too low neither shouldn’t be too high. High watt motors can cause a mess in your kitchen if care is not taken.

This should never be ignored anytime you need to purchase any appliance whatsoever. There is no need to buy an expensive product and later fail to cater for other needs. Always make sure that whatever blender you plan to purchase is quite within your budget.

An immersion blender design matters quite a lot when it comes to operating the appliance. Poorly designed blenders are likely to tedious to use. A good immersion blender should have the grip and the activation button well placed and in a manner to promote ease in operation. Well-designed blenders are quite interesting to operate with.

To touch on the shaft, all matters is the material used on it and its length as well. I strongly recommend that you consider a blender with a stainless steel shaft. Some blenders come with plastic blenders which are not quite reliable. The length of the shaft should be adequately long for a better performance.

It’s quite important that you consider the overall speed of the immersion blender you purchase. Slow immersion blenders are not quite as reliable as expected. I advise that you always go for a high-speed blender. The speed depends on the motor power. The higher the motor power the higher the speed of the blender.

Finally, the last but not the least, a good and a reliable immersion blender should have a guaranteed warranty of at least a complete year. Any immersion Blender model of warranty of less than one should never be an option.


So there you have our very best Immersion Blender options to make your best choice from. A reliable appliance will always be defined by its features and qualities. The choosing process can be quite tricky and unfruitful if the above considerations are not made.

Make sure you go through the reviews and pick your choice against your budget plan. Consider your needs and desires. Be careful to pick a blender with the correct design.
The warranty should be always among the priorities. Not to forget about the motor power. Remember the performance of the whole appliance highly depends on the motor power. As long as the motor is powerful, the blending speed will always be high and reliable.

I recommend that you ensure you get a blender with a steel shaft and of a length not less than 8 inches. The benefits of the immersion blender you pick will be determined by the features and qualities of the model.