If you have a desk job, then this article is worth a read. It is a universal fact that no one can sit at a desk in a straight position all day. Soon, bad posture becomes a habit, which ultimately results in chronic neck and back pain.


What you need is a laptop bed desk to elevate your working style and aid you in smashing deadlines. It is the age of technology with notebooks, pads, and laptops. Gone are the days where it was a must to sit on a desk to get the job done due to desktop computers.


There are endless benefits of using laptop bed desks. Not only do they have a good impact on your physical health but using these also means you will have to experience less body pain. These will ensure that your wrists are well supported, and you do not develop a hunchback. There is also an added benefit of making these laptop bed desks more accustomed to your liking. With their easily adjustable design, laptop bed desks can tend to your comfort needs in different places. Some laptop bed desks also have the added features of rotation, cup or mug holders and much more.


It is vital that you opt for the one that suits your needs. Otherwise, it will only add to your discomfort. Your uncomfortable state is bound to reflect in your work as well. These laptop bed desks will help you achieve your work goals from the comfort of your bed or a sofa.

1-    PWR Laptop Table With 2x Cooling Fans

The PWR laptop table is here to slay with its innovative and user-friendly design. The laptop table is not just for laptops but can be used for reading or writing too. Breakfast in bed was never this chic! Its tray is composed of a high strength aluminum tray.

The design is one of a kind with full 360 rotation. The sturdy adjustable legs can be transformed into numerous positions. It can transform from a desk design to another to adjust in your bed. It can also be rotated into a table. The ways you can rotate this laptop table are limitless and will conform to any body shape or size and any position you find most comfortable.

Lightweight and Portable

The design of this laptop table is extremely lightweight, around 3.9 pounds. The PWR excels at portability. When you are done working, just collapse its frame and it will be ready to be transported for another destination. It comes in a sleek black color with a smooth matte finish, exuding grace and finesse. Will your laptop slip away when you move? Absolutely not! It doesn’t let your laptop budge and keeps it stable and steady.

Easy to Carry

The PWR laptop desk definitely satisfies in looks and functionality. This desk is equipped with USB powered CPU cooling fans. When you work on your bed or sofa, your device does not get any ventilation to cool the device down. This desk will not let your laptop heat up when working for long hours. There are 2 fans for optimal ventilation.

The PWR laptop table is the ultimate transformer for your technology. Now work with ease for long hours in any position you deem comfortable. Say goodbye to bad posture, for this laptop table is here to revolutionize the entire concept of desk work.

2-    Azadx Notebook Computer Stand, Adjustable Aluminum MacBook Laptop Desk

The Azadx notebook computer stand has truly revolutionized desk jobs. Its flexible design can fit anywhere, be it your bed, sofa or the outsides on the lawn. It conforms to your liking to provide you with the utmost comfort while working tedious tasks. Its portability is suitable for kids and adults alike due to its lightweight and highly adjustable design.

It being light does not compromise its sturdy body and high strength Aluminum tray. It can be angled into many directions due to the 360 degrees. This Azadx notebook has a feature of locking in at desired angles, making it a lot feasible for the user.

So, say goodbye to pain with this Notebook computer stand. Working for long hours at your laptop was never this easy. Not only this desk is for utilization by laptops, but you can also avail this for TV dinners or snuggle in your bed for breakfasts. The Azadx laptop desk ensures comfort for the generation of today.

3-    Executive Office Solutions Ergonomic Portable Adjustable Aluminum Laptop Vented Stand with CPU Fans Mouse Pad Side Mount

Another great bed desk is the Adjustable Aluminum laptop vented stand by Office Solutions. This desk comes in a chic black bodice that is enough to entice you to get your work done. Bid farewell to chronic back pain as this desk will keep your screen to your eye level and not let you hunch.

So, sit back and relax and get your job done with the Office solution desk. Though, this desk is not only for computer workers. It is suited for all ages and can be used for reading, writing, meals and so much more. The only limit is your imagination. If you are an outdoor person, the stand will keep your laptop in place with an adjustable angle from 0” to 19” to keep the harsh glares of the sun away from your screen.

The stand also has a mouse stand as an added benefit, or a drink holder as others might envision it to be. The highlight of the stand is its silent USB powered CPU cooling fans to quietly exude the heat away. The tough aluminum tray gives the desk strength to keep your laptop fixed in any virtual position you prefer.

4-    Pwr+® Portable Folding Laptop Notebook Book Table Desk

The PWR’s portable folding laptop table desk is also in the race of the best bed desks. It offers various adjustable angles along with a super light weighted body to ease portability. You can utilize this desk in any way you wish. Be it working late nights in bed or on sofas, or as an addition to your working desk. The laptop desk can be adjusted and locked into place in any desired angle that provides optimum visuality.

This desk comes with a mouse/ drink holder. It keeps your laptop firmly anchored due to the raised front edge. The desk can also be locked into preferred angles to keep the stand in place. This prevents it from collapsing and budging form place. Another added feature of this desk is the CPU cooling fans. Just connect the USB cord to your computer and keep your laptop away from raised temperatures.

This desk does not require any assembly. Just pop it out of its box and its ready for use! This stand takes work and comfort hand in hand.

5-    Furinno A6-F-Silver Ergonomics Aluminum Vented Adjustable Laptop

Not far behind in the list of best bed desks is the Furinno A6-F-Silver Laptop desk, that’s made completely out of aluminum alloy. Its pure composition not only provides it firmness but also accessorizes it with a sleek and stylish look that you would definitely want to go for.

What’s even better is its adjustability. It can be adjusted to not only multiple angles, but also at different heights, making it perfectly ergonomic, helping you get rid of the constant back pain from hunching over to stare at your screen.

The size of the Furinno A6-F-Silver bed rest is absolutely ideal for easy storage and portability. Its 22×11.4 frame is easy to pack and carry while traveling to anywhere and everywhere. It is most suitable for laptop 17 or smaller and also works ideally for books and tablets.

It frees you of further hassles as it requires no assembling, and also offers you a choice of colors between black, purple, silver and pink.

6- Songmics 100% Bamboo Portable Laptop Desk Table

If you’re a nature lover and go gaga over everything environment-friendly, then this is the best desk table for you. Made out of 100% natural bamboo, this desk table serves multiple functions. You can use it for your laptop, or for your daily readings. You can use it for writing or even for eating.

The adjustable design of the Songmics Bamboo Portable desk table allows you to adjust the height according to your own, providing immediate relief to your cervical and back pain. Moreover, the design includes 5 slots tray tilting angles that allow you to have a considerably better viewing experience.


Most importantly, this desk table comes with swirl shaped desktop design which prevents the laptop from heating up, by effectively dissipating the heat through the hollowed out, beautiful design.

And the cherry on top, its petite frame makes this desk table perfectly portable. So you may carry your convenience with you.

7- Winsome Wood Alden Lap Desk, Flip Top with Drawer, Foldable Legs

Winsome Wood Alden Lap Desk is one of the lap desks that make you want to get them just looking at it. It’s a wooden body, accompanied by its simple and sturdy design, makes it ideal for all types of use, from eating to working long hours on your laptop. All without the unnecessary strain on your muscles.


Like any good Lap desk, Winsome Wood Alden Lap desk comes with an adjustable top that allows it to adjust it according to your will. What’s more is, the top of the lap desk is a flip top. which has a drawer underneath it for storage. The size of the drawer is big enough from storing your laptop, books or anything of the comparatively same size. Not just a small pocket, like some laptop desks, have.

The foldable legs of this Lap Desk make it easy to store away when not in use and to bring back out when needed. Easy to store, with storage space. What more can we ask for?

8- Avantree Mini table Adjustable Laptop Bed Tray, Portable Standing Desk

Speaking of multipurpose lap desks, we have Avantree Mini table Adjustable Laptop Bed Tray. This multifunction Mini table is true to its name and can function as not only a bed tray but also as a portable standing desk that can be used for office work, that requires extensive use of a laptop. Only, the ergonomic design would exempt you of all the strain on your back and neck.

Its foldable legs make it convenient to store, while its adjustable height makes it even more convenient to use. The angles of the top can also be adjusted, providing you a better working or reading experience.

Furthermore, a raised edge on the front of the top prevents your notebook or laptop from slipping off of the table while the top is angled. Making sure to avoid any inconvenience.

The mini table is light and sturdy and provides better results when used along with a table, allowing you to work while standing. So you can finally say goodbye to bad posture while bending over to work.

9- Portable Folding Notebook or Laptop Table – Desk – Tray – Stand (Raspberry Pink)

If you’re looking for a lap desk, which provides you with all the basic features of a good lap desk, along with a unique design, then look no further. This portable folding laptop table is the one for you. Its unique raspberry pink color makes it very popular amongst girls and it’s designed only adds to its points.

The best feature of this lap desk is its 360-degree rotating legs. These allow you to adjust them very precisely according to your needs, and very easily so. These adjustable legs also make it suitable for use in a wide range of environments, ranging from the comforts of your sofa to your work, where it can be placed on a table to function as a standing desk, providing spinal alignment.

The zinc and aluminum body can hold up to 50 kgs of weight and laptops up to 17”. And if you still need one last push to get this perfectly ergonomic lap desk, it also comes with a mouse rest!

10- Wonder Worker Newton Ergonomic Folding Laptop Table

This laptop table might be the last one on the list but is definitely no less than the other. Its foldable legs allow you to adjust its height, a feature important for all ergonomic lap desks. The height of the lap desk can be adjusted from 4 to 48 cm.

The top of the desk is ideal for 7-17” Laptops and comes with a raised edge stopper that will prevent it from slipping and hold it, at any angle. And yes, that implies that the top can be adjusted to be set at various angles, which include up to 7 positions, to assure your comfort while working.

The laptop table top is versatile and can serve for reading and writing purposes as well, maintaining an ergonomic feature. And as you would want in any laptop desk, it is perfectly portable and easy to store, given its petite frame and 1kg weight.


Given the extensive use of laptops in the present era, we need to make sure that we’re not harming ourselves while hunching over our screens to get our jobs done.

A good multipurpose laptop bed desk will not only prevent you from developing bad postures and provide relief from back and cervical pains, but it will also assure you a better working experience, which will eventually lead to better outcomes for your work. And in our opinion, the Pwr Laptop Table with 2x Cooling fans serves the function perfectly well, and then some more.