Scoliosis is a medical condition, where people suffer from back and neck pain due to the changed structure of the spine. Scoliosis patients suffer because the spine changes its shape and form a shape similar to ‘S’ or a ‘C.’ This causes the sufferer great distress, and along with that, it disturbs the sleep schedule, which results in restlessness the entire day.

For any person, especially for the ones who work a lot and all day, sound night sleep is extremely essential, and for people with scoliosis, it just gets worse and worse. Though, it can be reduced by an accurate choice of mattress and sleeping position. There are several mattresses which are specifically made for scoliosis patients, so they sleep better and get proper rest.  

Quick Recommendation

Tuft and Needle mattress is specifically designed, so people with scoliosis can rest their spine and align it as they should in order to avoid the pain and have a good sleep. This high-quality mattress is made to feel comfortable and has a restful sleep. The foam is made with high-quality materials like latex and memory foam which can allow the scoliosis patients to keep their spine in the right alignment while sleeping so that it does not advance the pain.

Best Mattresses for Scoliosis

1. Tuft and Needle Mattress

  • Adaptive foam
  • Support foam
  • High quality
  • Cover feasibility

Tuft and Needle mattress is produced by pouring the company’s special foam which is adaptive and adjustable. The mattress supports the person sleeping and allows them to have a good sleep. The mattress is adaptive as the person sleeping can get used to the foam.

Tuft and Needle mattress foams are made using high-quality materials which are advanced in their structure and functionality. The memory foam is made with advanced quality latex, with pressure relief feasibility.

The Tuft and Needle mattress allow the people with scoliosis to sleep just right as it is neither too hard, nor too soft, it is perfectly balanced, especially for scoliosis patients, as they can easily get improved sleep on this mattress.

The mattress has a feature of localized bounce, which means the sleeping partner does not feel the bounce as one of them toss over on the mattress. The bump will be felt by the person stepping in only, which lets everyone have a comfortable sleep.

The mattress allows people to have a cool sleep. This is due to the foam as it is infused with graphite and cooling gel in order to advance the comfort and support of the foam for the scoliosis patients, by inducing chilled sleep.

The support foam is generated in order to offer the scoliosis patients, the level of support as required by their spine, to keep it aligned. The same adaptive foam is paired with a high-graded support layer which carries the entire foam and founds a foundation for the mattress which is firm and strong.

The Tuft and Needle mattress have cover feasibility. The cover is plush and soft against the touch, which in itself is comforting for the people sleeping in it. The cover does not restrict the air; it is breathable completely.

The fabric of cover is made stronger, so there is no risk of pilling or tearing. Instead, it will help people to get prolonged hours of sleep in a comfortable bed which is specifically designed for people to sleep cooler and longer.

2. Resort Sleep Mattress

  • Soft fabric cover
  • Eco-friendly
  • Innovative design

Resort sleep mattress is one of the finest as it offers the best solution for scoliosis patients and for people who toss and turn a lot while sleeping. The mattress features an HD core which helps in relieving pressure points. This feature of the mattress helps people sleep in a comfortable and accurate sleeping position with reduced back and neck pain.

The Resort sleep mattress is ideal for side sleepers, which is a recommended position for sleeping. The mattress supports sleeping positions like back and stomach too. The mattress has the capability of reducing the back pain which makes it perfect for scoliosis patients.

As scoliosis patients need more and more rest, in order to feel reduced back pain, they need the mattress like, Resort sleep mattress which offers the right alignment of the spine and it remains untouched throughout the sleep.

Along with the mattress, the cover is provided, made with soft fabric, which is not only comfortable against the body, but it is made with a high-quality material which makes it easy to wash and remove, both.

The cover that comes in with the mattress as a package has a lot to offer. It gives the sleeper a cloud-like feeling- the softness, and it has a non-flip design which allows the sleeper to have an uninterrupted sleep schedule.

The resort sleep mattress induces a cool innovation into their mattress, making it breathable with the high-quality material. The sleeper can have a slumber they require after the day’s work; this makes it excellent for scoliosis patients.

The memory foam helps the scoliosis patients to sleep cooler, and with complete ease, a sit remembers the shape of the sleeper’s body and molds accordingly. People with scoliosis can easily align their spines in the right shape.

The resort sleep mattress is Eco-friendly as it is CERTIPUR and OEKO TEX certified. Its anti-bacterial structure which does not allow the bacteria to spread in the environment or cause the sleeper to get allergic.

It has a pressure relief quality which allows reducing the strain on the spine.

3. Purple Mattress

  • Pressure relief
  • Continuous airflow
  • Isolates motion
  • Durable

The purple mattress has an adaptive foam, as it adjusts to the shape of the sleeper’s body and curves just like it. In order to provide a good sleep to the users, as they will not have to put in a lot of body weight or effort to shape the foam accordingly, the good quality and improved comfort do the job for them.

The pressure relief feature allows the sleeper to enjoy the good comfort provided, as they strain is divided across the entire body, so the weight is not acting upon just one area of the body, reducing the pain, which is good for the scoliosis patients.

Scoliosis patients specifically require a good rest and support from the foam as they sleep. The memory foam allows them a good level of ease and feasibility when they sleep in.

The purple mattress isolates motion so flawlessly that a partner does not feel the other one moving in or out of bed. If a person is moving in, creating pressure or bump, the other one will not feel it, and if the partner is moving out creating motion, the other person would not feel a thing.

The purple mattress allows a good support system as well, keeping the airflow tight. The open grid design helps the fresh air flowing, dissipating the body heat completely, so the sleeper does not sweat on the bed.

The mattress of the purple mattress supports the body shape of the sleeper, with a good support system, the mattress supports and caters the natural body shape of the sleepers.

A foam made up of good quality material with enhanced comfort.

The purple mattress supports all body types, whether it is light weighted or heavy weighted, the mattress fits around the body and holds it.

Scoliosis patients can specifically benefit from the purple mattress and its scoliosis spine aiding features which can the overall experience of the patients. All these features act in favor of these patients and allow them to benefit from spine aiding beds like these.

4. Layla Mattress

  • air flow
  • support foam
  • slatted base

The Layla mattress is the best choice and stands out due to its unique design of giving two firmness options; all the credit goes to its flip-abled design.

The bed is made up of copper stuffing which has the ability to absorb the heat running out of the body. This mattress keeps the body chilled as the copper cooling system is capable of providing a more relaxed night’s sleep.

The mattress has the cover involving Thermo Gel Technology which prevents the sweating and dripping of body, promoting a sound sleep for the whole night along with pressure relief for the tired people.

The uppermost three inched layers of the mattress are formed to work against the outgoing heat from the person’s body with the help of copper composition. The next two inched layers of mattress keep the bed cooler by elevating the airflow.

The mattress is ideal for all sleeping positions and does not restrict a person for any particular shape while sleeping. One is free to sleep in his most comfortable posture and succeed in pressure relief from the body.

The Layla mattress is the topmost choice for all the scoliosis patients as it is specifically designed for their comfort and pressure relief from their bodies. People who are suffering from the sickness find it hard to manage on any other ordinary mattress.

Thus, the makers have made sure that all the problems of such people are resolved by having the Layla mattress in their homes.

The mattress is available in different sizes as per the requirement of the people and their own body size. So, keep an eye while buying the Layla mattress for you. If the appropriate mattress, according to your needs, is not purchased, it might not be as effective as promised by the manufacturers.

The best thing about the mattress is that along with its pressure relief quality; it comes with a lifetime warranty so that one can easily rely on the making. Thus, go ahead and buy the right choice today to comfort your life!

What are Scoliosis and its Effects on sleep?


Scoliosis is a medical condition in which an abnormality of the spine is involved. The spine is curved into an S or a C shaped structure. If the person is suffering through minor scoliosis, they are not bothered by the simpler things that people have major scoliosis have to go through, from the normal routine things to the most important thing, sleep. The people with minor Scoliosis do not experience the struggles of breathing or sleeping, but people having major scoliosis are deep into it.

The immediate causes of this medical condition are still unknown to people, but as concluded, it has the involvement of genetic or environmental factors. If someone has this condition running in their family, they are more likely to suffer from this too. The condition is confirmed through the X-rays. The condition is categorized into two parts, one in which the structure is changed, and the curve is fixed in an abnormal shape, the second part is functional, here the underlying spine is in normal condition. The treatment of scoliosis depends on the degree of the curve which has occurred, the location of the curve and the cause for the condition.

Symptoms of Scoliosis

Scoliosis brings in back pain, shoulder pain, and neck ache, along with these, the condition causes respiratory and cardiac issues, in the case of severe scoliosis. The symptoms of the condition include uneven shoulders and uneven waist. One of the shoulders is more prominent than the other one, or one of the sides of hips is higher. In such condition, it is essential that the patient gets good sleep and is able to rest, so their spine is settled on the bed and does not cause them more pain.

Sleep Deprivation

The patients suffering from scoliosis cannot sleep in any way they want.There are certain things they need to consider before sleeping, like sleeping positions and the mattress they are opting to sleep on, as it is essential for them to get a good sleep and keep their bodies at rest. The sleeping positions which would be better for their condition need to be convenient. The improper sleeping positions do not cause the symptoms of scoliosis to increase, but the proper ones will help the patients get more relieved. As for a good sleep, doctors suggest people sleep in a position where the spine is neutral. Sleeping on the stomach is defied by the doctors because it arches the back and the neck is put in an unusual position, where it can quickly easily start to ache.

The suggested positions better for sleep are; side and back.

Many people there are a lot of people who prefer the side positions and the majority greater number of people suffering from scoliosis are more comfortable in this sleeping position even, and they actually get a good sleep. The reason is that the spine is kept neutral and straight which does not advance the scoliosis back pain. The strain on the spine nerves reduce a lot, and people get a better sleep quality sleep.

The back position is also very comforting and can allow people to get a good night sleep, but there are very few people who prefer this sleep style. While, but for scoliosis patients, this style is one of the best, as suggested by the doctors. This position distributes the weight evenly across the entire body and reduced pressure to just one side of the body. A fine, firm mattress can add to the benefits of this position, as it allows the spine to not feel the roundness, to reduce it.

The patients of scoliosis can better their sleep by adding extra pillows to support their backs and necks while getting a good night sleep. The pillows work efficiently expertly if their placement is done right. Their support is more natural and can help scoliosis patients to get a good sleep and wake up with reduced back pain.

For the head, scoliosis people must avoid the large-sized pillows, as those only put their spine in an unnatural position, altering its alignment and causing more pain for scoliosis patients. Comparatively, the smaller sized pillows can help scoliosis patients to align their spine accordingly and get an improved, good night sleep.

What to Consider When Purchasing Mattress for People with Scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a medical condition involving the abnormality of the shape of the spine, it is either shaped like an S, or a C. This causes a lot of problem for the patients which differ as per the degree of how severe is their condition, but regardless of that, all kinds of scoliosis patients need good support from their beds in order to rest peacefully without straining their spine and spine nerves.

There are some things you should consider when buying a mattress for scoliosis patients as they need extra care. Here is a summarized list of things you must see in a bed before buying it.


Pressure Relief

In any mattress or bed, the pressure relief points are highly important, as they can spread the strain across the body, not causing the strain to accumulate on a certain area and causing the sleeper’s body to feel a tremendous amount of pain at a certain body part. The pressure relief feature causes the mattress to not dump from just one side.


Air Flow

Air flow under the upper layer of the mattress is very crucial, especially for someone who is on complete bed rest, as this system dissipates the body heat and keep the underlying layer of the mattress cool and breezy. The feature ensures to keep the mattress breathable and not suffocate the body of the sleeper, keeping their sleep comfortable. 

Isolation of Motion

Motion isolation is the most admirable part to look for in the foams, as it supports sleeping with a partner and sleeping unbothered. It allows the sleeper to get a good sleep to wake up in an equally better mood. Isolation of motion allows the partner not to feel a thing when the other one moves or gets in or out of bed; the partner is not bothered by the movement, as they do not feel a thing. Isolation of motion also support the scoliosis patients as they remain unbothered by their partner movements, keeping their spine in the similar position as they require. Good quality foams support the patients with firmness as well.


Another very important trait of a mattress is its durability. The one factor which is a very important one to look for. It is essential that the mattress keep up their support to the scoliosis patient and you need to know how long the mattress will in fact last and how strongly will it support the patient. If your mattress is not going to last longer, it probably is not the one you should buy for the scoliosis patient.

Adaptive Foam

The mattresses used for scoliosis patients are required to be adaptive, as the adaptive foams form a cloud around the sleeper’s body and their sleeping position. For scoliosis patients, this will work greatly, as they can easily keep their spine at a certain position and they would not have to adjust every time they go to sleep.

Quality Memory Foams

When buying for a scoliosis patient, you must think of good quality and memory foams. Memory foams are always better for everyone, but for scoliosis patients, it adds up to the list of benefits. It remembers the body shape of the sleeper and molds itself accordingly; the scoliosis patients can allow their spine to be in a straight and a natural position, which will be taken in by the memory foams in order to support the position every time the person sleeps in the same bed.

Memory foams are made up of polyurethane and a number of additional chemicals and liquids which increase the density of the overall foam. There are a great number of benefits offered by the memory foams.

  • Support Spine Alignment

Memory foam has it in them to support every body part equally and evenly; this helps in spreading the force of weight across the bed. The memory foams support every part of the body individually so that none of them depend on each other. The memory foam mattress contours to the sleeper’s body and the curves, supporting them from the lower back and allowing the person to sleep better keeping their spine in a neutral and straight manner as the doctors recommend it for scoliosis.

  • Relieves Stress

The memory foam is capable of relieving the stress, as it is structured to do so which is another plus for scoliosis patients. The memory foams have an unusual combination of pressure point relief and a good support system which helps them in relieving the sleeper’s stress, especially from the back, the hips and the shoulders, as required for the scoliosis patients. Good quality memory foams support the entire body of the sleeper.

  • Different Positions

The memory foams allow the scoliosis patients to adjust in the different sleeping positions and all of them can be accommodated in the mattress. The Visco foam is specifically designed to mold and cradle every single part of the body evenly so to allow the people to fit into their most comfortable sleeping position and sleep peacefully as they want to. The memory foams support it all; they even provide the firmness options so when people require a firm mattress in order to sleep well, they can have that option too.

It is essential that you look for such traits in a mattress before buying it, especially for a scoliosis patient because, at all cost, they need to be relieved of any pressure or stress as they go along. In order for their treatment to go successfully, they need to have complete support from their mattresses.


Are memory foams safe?

Yes, memory foams are safe, and they can generally be very helpful for users. The mattress molds into the shape of the sleeper’s body and causes the mattress to remember the sleeper. The amount of comfort it provides is feasible for the scoliosis patients as the foam will remember their alignment of the spine.

Do I need a firm or a soft mattress?

This totally and completely depends on your body, personal preference and the budget you’ve set. The firmness in a mattress is required for people who suffer from back and neck pain, like scoliosis patients. The firm mattress which has an accurate degree of firmness allows pressure relief points to work and allows a reduced pressure on spinal nerves.

For people with scoliosis, what features should I look for in a mattress?

Scoliosis patients suffer from back and neck pain because of their altered structure of the spine. In this time, patients need excellent bed rest and good sleep in order to reduce the pain in their spine. The mattress, they should opt must be scoliosis spine aiding mattress, so that they can feel the level of comfort as they should and they can align their spine in a straight and neutral position.

How much should a good mattress cost?

The price of most mattresses depends on their quality and their features. A high-quality mattress is usually more expensive than others, other than this; the price depends on the height, length and overall mattress size as well.

Usually, a mattress should ring within $150 and $5000 depending on the style, features and the overall quality. The spine aiding beds, however, are sometimes expensive, due to the richness of favorable features which would truly aid the position of the spine. The scoliosis spine aiding beds need to have a desired level of comfort as well.


Scoliosis is a medical condition which requires patients to get complete rest and to avoid the situations which can cause back pains. Like everything else, they need to be careful of their sleeping positions and the mattresses they sleep in because that can allow them to relieve their pain a little.