Aching all over every morning when you wake up? Suffering from constant back pains? Tired of getting little or no sleep on your old foam mattress topper? Are you searching for the best memory foam products that will save you from these problems? You needn’t worry anymore as we have provided memory foam mattress toppers that will ensure that you get your comfortable sleep all night in this article.

It has been scientifically proven that sleeping well is essential for good physical and mental health. Research also shows that an adult should sleep well for a minimum of six hours daily, youths should a minimum of eight hours of fitful sleep and children should sleep well for about ten hours to ensure proper development.

In a modern world of constant daily struggle, the promise of a restful night offers some respite. Therefore you should let nothing rob you of your right to get your fitful rest all night.

If you have decided to make the choice to ditch that old foam mattress topper of yours and replace it with more comfortable memory foam topper, if you want to enjoy your sacred nights with your partner, if you want to ensure a non-stop development of your kids, below is a list of the best memory mattresses we selected for you.

1. LUCID 3-Inch Gel Memory Foam

This mattress topper is recommended for people who like their beds conforming to their body contours. This is as a result of the production of this topper with a gel memory foam. This helps relieve pressure points of the stress acculturated during the day.

The unique formula employed in the making of this foam has made it very formidable in comparison to the other memory foam toppers. This unique formula makes it adaptable to climate change. It provides warmth in the winter and provides coolness in the summer. This responsiveness to weather conditions makes it your best choice if you are the type that is easily affected by changing temperature.

This memory topper ensures increased ventilation as it is also made from ventilated memory foam. The use of ventilated foam memory topper ensures that the mattress does not retain heat. This ventilation system also enables the memory mattress to circulate flowing air thus, ensuring that you stay cool and fresh during sleep due to its airy property.

This memory foam mattress topper, however, ensures value for money as it is very affordable.

  • Quality Ventilation
  •  Conformational Adaptation
  •  Affordable

  • Doesn’t provide solid, hard support.

The LUCID 3-Inch Gel memory mattress has a warranty of 3 years.

2. Dreamfoam Gel Swirl

Tossing aimlessly around on your firm mattress all night? Unable to sleep due to the uncomfortable feeling of your hard memory foam against your back?

Dreamfoam Gel Swirl Toppers are designed to provide soft cushioning experience for the users. This memory foam mattress topper is made with viscoelastic polyurethane foam that enhances its viscosity and density. This makes the memory foam topper soft while thick enough for its cushioning effect. It is produced to meet Certipur-US standards.

The Dreamfoam Gel Swirl is one of the top best-selling memory foam mattress toppers. This is because of its standard. Results from the subjection of the foam to many laboratory tests like the emission test shows above standard quality. You can get this memory foam topper and be sure of your safety.


  • Cushioning experience
  • Durability
  • Above standard quality
  • Comfort

  • It is too soft and thereby, doesn’t provide any firm support.

The Dreamfoam Gel Swirl is an affordable two inches memory foam with a warranty of 3 years.

3. Best Price 4-Inch Memory Foam

This is a unique memory foam topper with a perfect blend of comfort and stability. This is as a result of the perfect blending of two different layers. The upper layer is designed to mold to the body while the lower layer is designed with high density in order to provide support.

Another important quality of the memory foam is how it comes with an active suspension that reduces and isolates motion transfer. This means that it grounds your movement and ensures that you do not disturb your partner with your tosses.

The active suspension of the memory foam mattress topper ensures that your weight is evenly distributed. This makes the Best Price 4-Inch Memory Foam a suitable choice for people that are interested in longevity.

It also comes with a convenient mesh cover or a polyester-made zipped cover that makes it durable for you.


  • Durability 
  • Relaxed Sleep
  • Standard Quality
  • Affordable

  • The high level of suspension makes it relatively unstable on the mattress.

 4. Ultra Premium Visco Elastic Memory Foam

This quality topper is produced in the US with Certipur-US standards. It meets the standard of all quality tests performed on it. It is a memory foam made of viscoelastic gel that increases its viscosity and density.

This enables the memory foam topper to give superior support to its user. If you’re someone who suffers from constant pain in your spinal region this is a perfect option for you.

The topper is designed to provide adequate ventilation for the user. It is enhanced with a cool cycle polymer design technology that ensures you stay refreshed and cool all night.

The viscoelastic gel offers support to the body’s pressure point in order to reduce the stress accumulated at those regions of the body. This memory foam topper is what you definitely want to get your deserved rest on.


  • Supporting
  • Alleviates pain
  • Adequate ventilation

  • Side-sleepers might not be comfortable sleeping on it.

5. Zinus Sleep Master Topper   

This brand of memory foam offers one of the best cost benefits ratios of the business. And this has seen them reign as one of the bestselling brands. This memory foam encompasses the attributes of many other memory foam toppers. It ensures the satisfaction of almost all of the consumer’s need.

The first quality of the Zinus Sleep Master Topper is its gel memory foam layer. Like the LUCID 3-Inch Gel Memory Foam, this ensures that the memory foam engulfs the user’s contour without unnecessarily making them uncomfortable. Another importance of this attribute is how it helps alleviate pressure points in people and reduces the stress in the body.

Another important attribute of this topper is its ventilated design. The technology employed in the production of this good memory foam adds an enhanced ventilation system to the foam. This ensures that the user is kept comfortable by the cool, aerated mattress all night. This is enabled by the micropore airflow technology of the memory toppers. This means that there are numerous tiny air holes that allow the inflow and outflow of air in the mattress.

The brand is also well known for their hypoallergenic products. A lot of people react allergically to memory mattress toppers due to the materials used in making these toppers.

However, the Zinus Sleep Master Toppers have little or no allergic reactions from people to the material. This is a memory foam you should consider getting if you tend to have allergic reactions to things easily.

Lastly, these toppers are antimicrobial. All germs from your sweat and other bodily secretions will surely be rid of upon contact with the memory foam.


  • Adaptability
  • Hypoallergenic and Antimicrobial
  • Comfort
  • Cost Effective

  • It doesn’t come with any protection so it might get dirty easily.

6. Cloud9 Gel Foam    

Are you a heavyset person? Do you weigh over 200lbs? If so, then this is the perfect memory foam topper for you. This memory foam is produced naturally without any chemicals. Therefore, it is perfectly safe for your health.

The cloud9 gel foam is a 3-inch topper with viscous gel specifically suited to people with a bigger build. However, if you are interested in the brand and you’re less than 200lbs, the memory foams that are 2 inches thick are perfect

Since the Cloud9 gel foam is infused with gel, it also helps reduce body stress by alleviating the stress on the body’s natural pressure point.


  • Highly recommended for people with a heavy build
  • Comfortable and soft
  • Provides support for the spine
  • It provides comfort for people who are larger than average size.

  • Not recommended for smaller people.
  • It might be too firm.


The higher the density of the memory foam, the costlier it is. However, the quality of the mattress is dependent on how dense it is.


Other information you must have is the size of the topper you are getting. There are many sizes corresponding to the mattress size.However, you must consider the size of your mattress before you pick your foam’s size. Picking a smaller sized pad can result in inconvenience and sleep disorders.


The thicker your memory foam, the more expensive it is. A thicker foam, however, is more comfortable. Back sleepers should get 3 inch thick memory toppers while stomach sleepers should get 2 inch thick memory toppers.


Memory toppers that come with protective coverings tend to last longer than those that did not. Thicker foams also last longer.


This can be particularly useful for people who love personalizing their things. You can choose a different foam mattress topper brand to complement your mattress based on your taste.


However, this process is simply the release of the gas that comes with the packaging of the memory mattress toppers. This odor, however, is non-toxic and should completely be gone in a few hours.


Another peculiar attribute is the firmness of this memory foam. This attribute is measured by a foam’s indentation force deflection IFD rating.

Motion Isolation:

A good memory foam should reduce and isolate the motion of a sleeper. This is important if you are sleeping with a partner on your bed.


Cozy, relaxing, and soft are the words uttered when users are asked about what a comfortable bed is. The best memory toppers definitely should make their users comfortable. Get comfy now!

A Buyer's Guide To Getting A Mattress Topper

As a buyer, there is nothing as devastating and frustrating as making a wrong choice with your hard earned money. This is why we offer you a step by step guide to ensure that you make the right decision.

After you’re done with this article, there should be no doubt about what type of memory topper to choose. All previous worries should be swept away by the information provided by this article.

The knowledge provided by this article would offer you the opportunity to become an expert when it comes to a mattress. You should carefully read this guide with growing interest.

Any memory mattress topper buyer should consider the following factors properly before opting for his choice.


You should carefully consider the density of the memory topper you’re interested in buying. A common misconception that people make is attributing density with thickness. Density is not thickness.

The density a memory topper determines the strength and firmness of your bed. Therefore if you’re looking for a high level of support from your memory foam, it’s time you chose a product with a high density.

A memory foam with high density, however, will have a harder feel and might be uncomfortable. If you want something more comfortable, you should go for a medium density product. It all boils down to your preference.


We all come in different shapes and sizes, so do memory mattress toppers! As a buyer, having adequate information about the different memory mattress sizes will reduce the uncertainty of making the right decision.
The different memory mattress sizes are listed below and comprehensively described. This is to ensure that buyers get the right products for their memory mattress.

  • Single
  • Twin
  • Twin XL
  • Full
  • Full XL
  • Queen
  • King
  • California King


A single bed mattress is specifically designed for cribs. The size of the topper means it can be used for infants. The typical single bed measurement is 30″ by 75″. This means that it is 75 inches in length and 30 inches in width.

Toddlers, after outgrowing their crib, can also use this mattress size.


A twin sized mattress is designed for children who have outgrown cribs and toddler beds. With dimensions 38″ by 75″, the twin sized mattress can also be used by adults who live in cramped quarters.

If you’re a student about to taste dormitory life, a camper going on a trip, or just sharing a room with another person, the twin sized bed is the ideal bed size you should consider.


If you are a person who enjoys finding comfort everywhere, you might want to opt for the Twin XL while out on camp, living in a dorm or sharing your room.

The Twin XL size mattress has all the attributes and qualities of the twin sized mattress. It, however, has the advantage of being longer. With dimensions of 38″ by 80″, the Twin XL enjoys the advantage of 2 inches in length.

This bed size is easily adjusted and can also house the Twin bed size mattress.


A full-size topper offers you more bed space than a Twin or a Twin XL. With dimensions of 54″ by 74″, the full sized foam is often considered as the standard. Thus, it is usually referred to as the standard double.

It, however, will be a tight fit for couples or people who sleep with their pets e.g. Cats or dogs. These categories of people should consider the Full XL bed size.

The Full XL bed size has dimensions of 54″ width by 80″ length. This increase in length offers more leg space than your ordinary Full-size foam. The width, however, stays the same.


The Queen sized foam is the perfect choice for couples who don’t need a lot of sleeping room. For individuals, this bed size is more than comfortable enough. With dimensions 60″ by 80″, the Queen sized foam takes up a lot of room space.

You should consider this fact carefully before getting such a mattress topper for yourself. For couples who enjoy having much bed space, they might want to consider the Olympian Queen bed size.

These mattresses are wider than the normal Queen sized bed but the length remains the same. The Olympian Queen bed has a dimension of 66″ by 80″.


You should not consider this bed size if you have a small bedroom. Because of the enormous size of these mattress toppers, it is recommended that your room should at least be a perfect 12″ by 12″.

The King sized mattress topper has a dimension of 76″ by 80″. This size is recommended for couples that sleep with their kids or pets because of its enormous width and length.


This bed size is also referred to as the Cali King bed size. It has a dimension of 72″ by 84″.

In contrast to the normal king size bed, the Cali King has an increased length size and a reduction in width. This ensures more leg space. Tall people can really get comfortable on this bed.

Choosing The Right Bed Size

Factors to consider when making this call include cost, room space, marital status, and maintenance.

The larger your bed size, the more expensive your memory topper is. It is no rocket science that the price of the foam will be affected by the size. So, you might have to consider your pocket before making your choice

Another important factor is the size of the room. Remember you have other luggage and materials to keep in the room while having enough space for mobility. Get a memory mattress topper that leaves you enough room space.

Your marital status is a very good determinant of your bed size. If you’re single, you definitely have a world of choice for you. A married person surely can’t opt for smaller sized bed. The plot thickens further if you have pets or kids. You might want to opt for some of the bigger sized mattresses.

Finally, consider the cost of maintaining your memory toppers. The larger the topper, the costlier it might be to maintain it.


The thickness of a good topper often affects how thick it is. Thickness is often used interchangeably with density. However, they are a different attribute. Density confers firmness on a good memory topper while the thickness of foam determines its cushioning properties.

A Foam Topper And A Mattress Pad

Another misconception is the use of a pad and a topper interchangeably. This two products, however, are very different. The differing attribute is always the thickness.

A pad is always thinner than a topper. Toppers are at least 2 inches thick. A pad, however, is thinner than this. Thus, the mattress memory topper is usually more durable than its counterpart pad.

Noise Transmission and Motion Isolation

Good foams that are produced with the gel memory technology always reduce and isolate noise. If you have a partner that tosses around while sleeping, these memory toppers are what you wish you had.

They reduce the motion of the sleeping body and ensures that the vibration of such person doesn’t get to the other.

This is due to the viscoelastic gel used in making these memory foams. These gels absorb all the pressure and equally distribute them across the bed. This ensures that little or no movement vibration gets to you.

Conforming Memory Mattress Topper

This is as a result of the production of this topper with a gel memory technology.

The ability of the topper to conform to your contours helps relieve pressure points of their stress.

If you want to obtain a new memory foam, definitely consider the ability of such products to conform to your body when you sleep.


All memory mattress toppers come with an initial odor. This odor is due to the packaging and processing of the mattress.

The process of letting the odour go away is referred to as off-gassing. This process shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours. In extreme cases, it will last a few days.

When ordering your memory topper, you should consider how long the off-gassing process takes before making your choice.

Memory Foams vs Other Foams

Apart from memory foams used in the production of memory toppers and memory mattresses, there are other types of foams used. Examples include:

Latex Foam

Unlike the memory mattress that uses the petrochemical polyurethane, latest foams use natural and synthetic latex to make their mattresses.

However, there is no 100% natural latex product.

High-Density Foam

These products are made of a compact polyurethane material.

Unlike the memory foams that use the polyurethane for a firmer base and a viscoelastic gel for the softer surface, the high-density foam is made of 100% polyurethane.


Are memory foams toxic?

No. Memory foams are made in compliance with the US safety standards

How do I know my bed size?

The information provided by this article should provide you with sufficient knowledge to find out what you need

I have allergy reactions to mattresses. What do I do?

Read the article and find out the foams that fit your needs.

In conclusion, this article should have provided much insight into memory foams and how to get them. It is the author’s recommendation that you sit carefully and consider the points raised in the article before obtaining your memory foam.

Find out your needs and consider if your choice fulfills it. Don’t buy under panic or pressure. This might cause later regrets. There are many types of memory foam out there. It’s a matter of careful consideration before you find the one that suits you.

And if you’re married, remember to put the needs of your spouse and children (if any) into consideration before you make that choice. Find that good memory topper that takes care of everyone needs.