In the past few years, there’s been a lot of new information about the health benefits of using a sauna.
Most people enjoy a sauna as part of their membership to a workout facility or as a component of their spa treatment.Though there are many advantages to a sauna, many people would rather not be in such a public setting to use a sauna.
Fortunately, there are many companies that make saunas that can be used at home.With these types of saunas, you can experience all of the health benefits of a large traditional sauna without ever having to leave your home.

Main Considerations For Buying Infrared Saunas

Because there is such a wide variety of sauna options, you might feel overwhelmed and not sure where to begin your search. Just having a sauna is not enough, you need to make sure it’s the right sauna for your needs.

Many people are familiar with traditional steam sweat boxes found in many gyms. These are the most common type of sauna, but as with everything else in our world, technology has changed this. Steam saunas are no longer the only available option, which is good because there are some key differences between them and infrared saunas.

Infrared saunas and steam saunas operate at different temperatures and can generate heat for different lengths of time. Both of these saunas use different methods to provide the heat that results in you sweating. The biggest difference between these two types of saunas is how much they cost.

How TO Build One

How Do Infrared Saunas Work?

Infrared saunas use invisible bands of light to provide benefits to the user. There are 3 classifications of this light:

  • Near spectrum
  • Middle spectrum
  • Far spectrum

Most infrared saunas use far infrared light to deliver the benefits to the user.

Infrared heaters used in saunas heat the air, but more importantly they release radiant energy and invisible light that penetrates your skin and provides benefits to you while you are relaxing.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Infrared Saunas?

Using an infrared sauna can provide you with many benefits.

People who use infrared saunas state they can sleep better, that they experience great relief from joint pain like arthritis and that their muscles are less sore after exercising. They also find they have clearer skin and notice an improvement in circulation.  Infrared saunas have also been said to aid in losing weight.

Best Portable Infrared Sauna Reviews

DURHERM Negative Ion FIR Infrared Portable Sauna

  • Easily stashes away
  • Energy saving
  • Chair and neck collars included
  • Extremely affordable

When using this sauna, you will still have the ability to complete other tasks. Your head and hands can remain outside of the sauna which allows you to watch television or read a book as your body sweats away.

Durherm has created their Extra Large EMF Free Negative Ion FIR Infrared Portable Sauna so it doesn’t use very much electricity, but still provides plenty of infrared lighting benefits.

This sauna generates a great deal of heat but doesn’t take long to heat up. This means you can hop in and start sweating nearly straight away. There are 3 technologically advanced heating panels made from Japanese tourmaline, a precious mineral known to help detoxify the body.

The negative ion generator works to purify the air and there should be no worries about EMF or EMR either. Durherm’s portable sauna is several hundred times lower than other available models of FIR saunas and emits very little in the way of EMF.

Included with the portable sauna you get a canvas folding chair and 2 washable terry cloths for your neck area. Integrated into the sauna is a foot pad that heats up as well to help keep you warm so that you can experience all the benefits saunas have to offer.

This sauna takes up less than 3 feet of floor space, so you don’t have to find a large open area to use it. At only 25 pounds, the sauna itself can easily be folded up and stored away in a closet or under a bed between uses.

Ideal Sauna Infrared Portable Indoor Sauna

  • Super-swift heating
  • Timer for your convenience
  • Generous bundle of accessories

When looking for a portable far infrared sauna, there are many options but not all of them are worthwhile. This model from Ideal Sauna is one of the better choices available for your use at home.

Not only does this portable sauna take up very little room with a footprint of 2 ½ feet, it’s also lightweight at just under 18 pounds. You will be able to use this sauna anywhere in your home and still have the ability to fold it up and tuck it into a closet when you are through.

The heaters provide far infrared heat and light, and are made from a lightweight material with an extremely conductive heating element. There are 3 of these heaters within the sauna and they will heat the interior of the sauna tent in less than 5 minutes. No more waiting around for it to reach your desired temperature – simply heat it up and quickly get in so that you can get to sweating.

While sweating and enjoying the benefits provided by your Ideal Sauna portable sauna, you will still be able to use your hands and your head will be out of the sauna. This allows you to still read a book, watch TV or keep an eye on your kids while relaxing.

This particular sauna also features a negative ion generator that will work to purify the air around you while you are sitting in your sauna.

Serene Life Portable Infrared Home Spa

  • Personal spa sauna experience
  • Includes sauna chair
  • 1 year warranty

Many people enjoy the sauna provided as part of their services at a spa, but it can be uncomfortable to sit in the hot steam with several other people. Luckily, Serene Life is bringing the spa sauna experience into the home and making it even better.

This portable sauna has 3 carbon heating panels that take less than 10 minutes to get up to temperature. You can adjust the temperature up to 145 degrees Fahrenheit which allows you to have more control over your sauna experience.

The controller that you use to operate the sauna has 5 different programs you can choose from enabling you to get the exact experience you want when it comes to sweating away in your sauna. Not only can you customize the temperature, you can also adjust the duration of your time spent in the sauna for up to one hour.

No worries about wasting electricity either as this model uses very little to accomplish its task. There is also an auto shut off feature so there’s no concern about accidentally leaving it on and wasting power or burning up the sauna.

You get a sauna chair as well as a heated foot pad when you purchase this sauna from Serene Life, but the foot pad cannot be removed from the unit.

Coming in at about 20 pounds and taking up just over 3 feet of floor space, your sauna will not be a struggle to move from place to place either. Once you are finished you can easily fold it up and push it under the bed until you are ready to start sweating again.

Radiant Saunas Rejuvenator Portable Personal Sauna

  • Extra-large size
  • Programmable experience
  • Simple to set up and use
  • 1 year warranty provided

Radiant Saunas has worked hard to bring excellent sauna products to you and other customers. This Rejuvenator model of portable sauna is just another choice in their long list of great sauna options. Allowing you to bring the experience of a sauna into your home or anywhere you want is an option that can’t be beat.

The Rejuvenate personal sauna in exceptionally roomy for a portable option, but you still don’t need to be concerned with it taking up too much floor space in your home. The footprint of this model is right around three feet. Another benefit of the Rejuvenate model is that at just 18 pounds, is it one of the lightest portable personal saunas that are available for purchase.

The three carbon heating panels inside the sauna heat up in around ten minutes and will give you 900 watts of infrared heat. This is near 150 degrees Fahrenheit, which is fantastic for a portable sauna model.

There are five different heating options on the remote and this gives you the ability to customize your experience inside the sauna. You can make it cooler or warmer depending on your desires. Additionally, you can choose from one of six different preset timing options as well.

The automatic shut off feature is great to have as well, because you no longer need to worry about forgetting to shut of the heating elements or accidentally burning your portable sauna.


Having the ability to use a sauna inside your home is wonderful, but some people just can’t justify the thousands of dollars it will take to get a wooden one.

Being able to purchase and use a portable personal infrared sauna is the best option for many people, and now more people than ever will be able to experience the benefits that infrared saunas can provide.