Recliners as we know them were first introduced by the French around the1850s. The first ones were in the form of a reclining camp bed that could function as a bed, a chair and even a chaise lounge. They could be easily moved around and consisted of a steel frame and padded arm rests.

As time progressed the steel frame was replaced with designs featuring wooden motion chairs fitted with a padded seat and back. The American and French designs even included a book or document holder. According to reports the very first reclining chair was owned by Napoleon the third.

A recliner, according to modern definition, is a sofa or an armchair which is capable of changing its shape such as reclining when a person lowers its back and goes back into the original position when the person gets up.

Recliners from the modern day even feature an independent foot support that’s able to adjust with the weight and the angle at which the person’s legs are placed, a headrest which is also adjustable and a lumbar support to maximize the level of comfort. Some models even feature a massage and vibration facility as well.

 Mega Motion Easy Comfort Lounge Recliner:

This state of the art three position rising electric power chair is being offered to customers by Mega Motion. It is a good choice for users who prefer a comfortable and user friendly control. The mechanisms involved are a heavy-duty lift actuator and scissors.

As far as the warranty is concerned the company covers a one year warranty in home service, two year warranty for the parts and a lifetime warranty on the lift mechanism. A key feature of this product is the zips on the seat and back cushions which make any adjustment and replacement in the recliner very convenient. It comes with an integrated emergency battery backup in case of a power failure so that the user is still able to use it comfortably.

The available color schemes for the recliner include:

  • Bordeaux
  • Forest Green
  • Ocean Blue
  • Walnut Brown

The shipping weight of the chair is 143 pounds. According to reviews posted online the users found the recliner to be very comfortable without being “too squishy”. The motor on the lift is quiet and it was especially comfortable for users with lower back issues.

The comfort level, three position lift facility and a long warranty make it a good choice.

Flash Furniture MEN-DA3439-91-BRN-GG:

The motion recliner, by Flash Furniture, features a rocking feature which not only makes this chair fit for use in the living room but also in a nursery because it is suitable for elders and babies as well.

It has a design in line with the modern trends in furniture. Plush upholstered arms and bustle back cushions make this recliner a comfortable get away after a long day of work. Its rocker feature is an additional luxury. Moreover it highlights a Lever Recliner, brown leather upholstery and the material is leather with added polyurethane for improved durability and softness.  

Although it is made from a polyurethane & leather blend, the material has a good thickness to it & doesn’t feel thin or sticky. The chair can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth. The key feature in this chair is that the padded seat is filled with 5 inches of CA117 fire retardant foam and has a weight of 112 pounds. It was very liked among the users due to the ease in assembling it together and its compact design.

The one drawback is that the leather has a high probability of cracking after continuous use.

Omni Full Lay-Out Lift Chair:

This heavy duty and large size recliner is presented by Catnapper, which is a subdivision of Jackson Furniture, based in Cleveland, TN. It is a part of the Omni collection and it features a comfortable chaise seating with plush pad roll arms.

It comes in multiple color schemes such as:

  • Saddle Suede
  • Thistle
  • Chianti
  • Black Pearl
  • Havana Chenille

The weight capacity of the chair is 450 pounds and it weighs 144 pounds. The fabric is 71% Polyester, 19% Acrylic and 10% cotton. In addition it also has an emergency power assistance which enables safe operation in case of any sudden extremity. It has an extremely tough support system which is made entirely out of steel.

For maximum operating time period and strength metal mending plates are used, instead of staples, in the back of the seat. Lastly it also has a side pocket which is perfect for short term storage. This version is much bigger than the rest in the market. It has received good reviews from users as it proved very cozy for people with disabilities since it has support between the calves and knees which recliners generally don’t have.

Serta Big & Tall Memory Foam Massage Recliner:

The Serta Big & Tall Massage Recliner constitutes memory foam with the main focus on your lumbar and thoracic area. It comes in an espresso color. It has a built-in multi-setting dual motor, which can be customized with the help of a remote control, for having a soothing back massage.

In-arm storage compartment for momentarily storing cups and a USB charging port is also available on the recliner. The recliner can support up to 350 pounds of weight as a time and comes in a generous size. The fingertip actuated recline controls allow provide the luxury of easy adjustment. The customer reviews showed that tall users with a big built were also comfortable in the recliner.

Catnapper Teddy Bear Oversized Chaise Swivel Recliner:

Another product by Catnapper is designed in a way that it hugs you as you recline. The highlights of the recliner are sage upholstery, comfortable plush arms and soft pillow chaise pad seat.

The fabrics are real and made of hundred percent polyester, camouflage fabric which is made from hundred percent cotton. It is oversized to provide more space and comfort. It has foam cushions with a padded foam back. Caution should be taken while cleaning the chair as it should only be cleaned with water-based shampoo or foam upholstery cleaner. It should be over wet while cleaning.

Using solvents and saturating with liquids is prohibited. The company provides a limited lifetime warranty. The recliner features an Omega Reclining Mechanism with a hundred percent steel seat box. To provide strength, comfort and flexibility a spring system is introduced in it with heavy eight gauge sinuous steel springs in the seat.

Heavy duty bolts are used to attach the arm assemblies to the seat box. For maximum strength and hassle free operation metal mending plates are used in the rear of the back seat instead of staples. Additionally it was a weight of 115 pounds and the critical stress areas were incorporated with specially formulated dyed glue to provide 100% quality assurance.

Ashley Hogan oversized Recliner:

This recliner is a Signature design by Ashley Hogan. This recliner is considered as the ultimate lounge chair as its back, seat and arm cushions are overstuffed. Its zero wall mechanism allows the users to set it up against a wall and the pull tab reclining motion is most suited for dozing off.

It features soft microfiber made of polyester microfiber and a seat which is reinforced with metal. It comes with user friendly instructions to assemble the chair. It can fit easily through doorways which are 32” or wider. The dimensions of the chair are 59” W x 44” D x 41” H and its weight is 129 pounds.

The only reservation you might have against this recliner is that its color appear darker in real life than that shown online. Other than that it is very large and comfortable according to the various customer reviews.


The questions which are frequently asked by customers regarding recliners are mostly about the repair costs, their shipment schedules and availability of parts for replacement.

What is the difference between a Three-Position and Infinite position Ultimate Power Recliner™?
When it comes to the Infinite position recliners are capable of transitioning into a Lay-flat position, which is parallel to the floor, and the Trendelenburg position which allows the user to rise high enough for his/her legs to be higher than the heart giving the luxury of opting an infinite variety of reclining positions.

The three-position however can recline backward while the user rises. The power lever on the chair can be used to stop at any position and recline further than a standard recliner is capable of.

What if I lose power?
Certain recliners come with a backup emergency battery pack allowing smooth operation even in the case of no power. The availability of this feature can be inquired from the company selling the recliner.

Why would I want a recliner with a lift feature?

The lift technology allows for a greater range of positions allowing the user to choose from a range of comfortable positions.

  • I have a lifetime warranty, so my repair is covered, right?
    Mostly companies do not charge for repair and maintenance costs if they cover it in their warranties provided you avail it with the time period.

    What is the best material for a recliner?
    Leather, Cotton and Linen

    What is a rocking recliner?
    As their name indicates they are recliners which offer the luxury of rocking back and forth.

    Like all items used by human beings recliners have also undergone significant advancement in terms of variety of uses and luxury features. When it comes to choosing the right recliner there’s a couple of things to keep in mind such as the size, level of comfort, longevity and your own preference of the type of style.

When it comes to comfort and warranty Mega Motion Easy Comfort Lounge Recliner is a good choice as it provides a three position adjustment and it also comes with an integrated emergency battery backup.

The Flash Furniture MEN-DA3439-91-BRN-GG is unique as it features a rocker mode which makes it suitable for use in nurseries as well. If multipurpose is the feature you are looking for then Ashley Hogan oversized Recliner is the right choice as it provides a zero wall mechanism for setting it up against a wall and it can also be used as a conventional recliner as well.