In every work environment, especially industrial work places, there are tons of hazards and dangers that need to be avoided by taking the recommended precautions. Every work place has hazards of its own, for instance. A greasy surface in a restaurant where chefs work, electrical hazards in an IT company, poisons, emission of hazardous gases and extreme temperature changes in a chemical factory. These factors can be a threat to life if they are not taken seriously.

If you work in such a setup, taking safety precautions is a must for you. Along with appropriate clothing, you need to invest in a safety work shoe and a safety work boot precisely. For an uncomfortable and inappropriate shoe can hinder a lot of your work. The shoe that you wear to work needs to be flexible, comfortable and according to the requirements of safety appropriate work shoes. Here are a few work boots and work shoe designs that are safety and work appropriate.


Reebok Work Men’s Sublite Work RB4016

The Reebok Men’s is an athletic oxford with a steel toe. Reebok is committed towards making shoes that are made according to the safety requirements of athletics. Moreover, Reebok is among the top brands that produce comfortable shoes, supporting the fitness and well-being of individuals. Working on taking the shoe to the next level, Reebok is formulating shoes that will be perfect for industrial workers. They are lightweight work boots, which provide immense comfort all day long.

Their latest shoes, Sublite Work RB4106 is an athletic safety shoe, which incorporates every feature that a safety shoe requires. This safety boot has a hard steel toe that provides optimal level of comfort and protection. For all those who work in a hazardous work environment, investing in this shoe would be worth it in the long run. Despite being more towards the expensive end, this 120-dollar shoe will last a lifetime.

Foot Fuel Foot Bed Technology

It is formulated with a Foot Fuel foot bed technology that offers superior control, and comfort. The high traction slip resistant rubber on the shoe prevents fall injuries. The shoe also has resistance against electrical hazards.


Reebok Work Men’s Soyay RB1910       

As we already know, reebok makes athletic comfortable shoes that are definitely better than the rest of the brands. It has been famous for several years now for its high quality and comfortable shoes. Reebok Soyay has been inspired by the world’s top athletes with a little twist. The unique thing about this shoe as that, even though it is an athletic inspiration, it is especially made for the hard-working factor workers and industrial professionals. Formulated especially for the purpose of the safety of field workers, you will be astonished to see how simple the design of the shoe is.

Simple Look

The simplicity of the design makes it look like a regular tennis shoe with a safety toe that is hardly evident, even if you look closely. The steel toe inside the shoe is covered with suede leather to hide it, so the shoe looks classy and chic as it is. The nylon mesh lining inside the shoe will prevent your feet from stinking after a long day at work, unlike any regular shoes, which can be a turn off to be honest. Your feet will not smell bad and stay fresh all day because of the high level of incorporated breathability.


New Balance Men’s MID627 Work Shoe  

This 200-dollar sneaker is a worthy investment because it wins the race when it comes to categorizing the most comfortable and most appropriate work shoes. The weight of the shoe is light, providing the long seeking comfort and balance. New balance has been working on coming up with a shoe that is comfortable, durable and ticks all the safety marks of a shoe, and they have eventually succeeded by coming up with this master piece of theirs. This shoe is lighter than air, but its functions are as tough as a rock.

Sturdy Design

The design of this shoe is clever, taking the designs of shoes to another level. The reason behind that is the combination of all the required elements of shoes into one shoe. The light weight features of a sports shoe have been combined in such a way that it is perfect for a work environment. However, it took several years of hard work and research to come up with this design, but it was worth the wait. If you are one of those people who hardly ever get time off from work and are fighting against all odds to make all ends meet, this shoe is a perfect design for you. It looks fashionable, and it offers every aspect that is required for work shoes. The tennis shoe look makes it acceptable by the youngsters who think work boots are too cliché to wear all day. Give New Balance a shot and you will not regret spending even a single penny on this shoe. Its durable, fashionable, and totally worth the price range.


Caterpillar Second Shift  

Caterpillar second shift takes comfort and durability to a whole new dimension. It is another name for hard work, for the shoe has been made in such a way that it gives a man every kind of flexibility and ease at work. Incorporated with a steel toe, which is a basic necessity of most safety work shoes, this boot tackles a number of jobs at work. The construction of this shoe is intricately designed so the feet are comfortable all day long. Nobody likes working in shoes that are uncomfortable and hurtful after half the day. Or do they?

Cool your Feet in Warm Areas

The insole of the shoe enables maximum breathability and comfort, keeping your feet cool for an entire day. Moreover, this shoe protects against all the hazards that come with working in an electrical unit, providing protection against up to six-hundred-volt circuits. It also provides protection against compression and impacts. The pull up nylon leather also provides added breathability to the shoe. Other than that, the insole is climate appropriate giving your intrinsic breathability.


Stanley Men’s Dredge Steel-Toe Work Boot

Talking about the Stanley Men’s Dredge steel toe shoe, it is a mixture of both looks and comfort and why is that? The shoe has a very classy appearance, for it does have the convectional laces that are there is most of the shoes, making it different among all the work shoes. The outside of the shoe is entirely leather, with a sole that is made of rubber, which provides soft comfort all day round.

This casual shoe which costs under 200 dollars is a worthy investment, because it provides the comfort and safety every work protocol requires, and it looks good, so it can be worn otherwise as well.

Steel Toe Protection

The steel toe protection of the shoe prevents injuries providing the required safety. Other pros of this shoe are safety against electric hazards, and the midsole absorbs shock. There are several benefits when it comes to a shoe with a polyurethane midsole. The biggest advantage is that it works very well for those who work in the fields and office all day long. Whenever a person works for long hours they need work shoes that would not bail on them, make them stay comfortable and preventing their feet from fatigue due to long hours. The shoe is slip and oil resistant as well. This isn’t it, the shoe has an easy on and off design, so you can wear them and take them off easily and quickly wherever and whenever without any hassle.


Skechers for Work 77055

When it comes to jobs that are tough and rough, safety shoes are a must and Sketchers can be very handy in such a circumstance. The shoe is made according to the needs of the consumers and comes under the category of inexpensive, reasonable shoes that can be bought under 100. These work shoes have been relied on by both men and women for several years. Providing protection with a casual look, the shoes are incorporated with a steel toe interior that surpass the requirements of ASTM standards of impact and compression. Everyone who is looking for a modern foot wear that is light weight and safety appropriate would not regret getting a pair of these.

These shoes are tougher than you and the metallic safety toe will make you run around with ease faster than ever. The memory foam in the interior part of the shoe makes it a guaranteed comfortable work shoe. Safety work shoes never looked so good, did they?


Georgia Boot Men’s Georgia Brookville

Do you work in a place where you need shoes that are water proof? Whether it is walking in puddles of mud or water. These Georgia Boot Men’s Georgia Brookville should be your shoes in such a situation. The built-in waterproof design of this shoe keeps it dry even in the wettest of atmospheres.

These work shoes also provide safety against electrical hazards at work and the built-in steel toe prevents impacts and compression. The bottom of these shoes is made of steel toe and the outsole is lightweight which gives flexibility and resistance against grease that can cause slip injures.

Whether you work in the fields, or work in a safe work environment indoors. There are always tons of hazards that you can be prone to, which require safety work shoes no matter what the situation. The following shoes would definitely help you in picking out the right one according to your needs.


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